March 11, 2015


Q)How early should I arrive for my game?

A)Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your scheduled start time.

Q) How much does it cost for the Breakout experience?

A) It cost $22.00 plus tax per person. Watch our website for frequent specials.

Q) How many people per room?

A) 8-10 participants per room with a minimum of 2.

Q) Will I be participating in the games with people I do not know?

A) If you book the total  slots then no; however, if there are slots available then, possibly.

Q) What is the length of the game?

A) You have 60 minutes to crack the code.

Q) What is the age limit?

A) Any age but the recommended age is 12 and above. However, it is REQUIRED that an adult accompany 14 year olds and younger.

Q) Can you accommodate special events i.e. corporate events, team building, birthday parties, and family reunions…

A) Yes, we will attempt to accommodate your request. Please email or call us for details.

Q) How do I pay?

A) All games are paid online at the time of booking and are non-refundable.

Q) Am I really locked in a room?

A) Yes and No. There is an exit button and you may leave the room at any time; however, the clock continues to run but you may reenter your room during your 60 minutes.